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Why Serviced Apartments are Ideal for Corporate?

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Service apt in pune have become popular stay options for corporate because they offer the liberty and coziness of an apartment along with the service and security of a hotel. Small rooms and restricted furniture of a hotel room can become claustrophobic; not to mention the monotony of the same buffet breakfast option available there. There can be nothing better than serviced apartments for corporate accommodations Pune, and this point is highlighted through the following factors.

Cost Savings
Corporates prefer the serviced apartment option for their business stays in different cities largely due to the cost advantages offered by them. A couple of days stay in a star hotel is costlier than that in a serviced apartment with the same amenities offered by a hotel.

Well Equipped Kitchen
Travelers can minimize their costs further by cooking their own meals if they wish to, unlike the hotels. A well equipped kitchen with all the requisite cookware and appliances enables the guests to cook whenever and whatever they want.

Spacious & Roomy
There are flexible accommodation options provided by the serviced apartments .You can choose between a studio apartment and one with several bedrooms as per your requirement. In all cases, the serviced apartment offers more room and space than a hotel room.

Home-Feel Factor
A service apt in pune caters to all the requirements of the business traveler and acts as a home away from home for them. You can obtain privacy to work, relax, cook and sleep without the restrictions of regulated timings. The warmth of a cozy, furnished room cannot be substituted with the cold, impersonal room of a hotel.

Flexible Solutions
Serviced apartments enable the occupants to extend their stay if it is necessary without any trouble unlike hotels. Hotel rooms require prior booking and the possibility of rooms not being available cannot be ruled out.

Ideal Locations
Most of the service apt in mumbai are located at convenient sites that facilitate traveling to work areas. For example, if you want to opt for serviced apartments in Mumbai, then you can choose between serviced apartments in chandivali,hiranandani or serviced apartments near Hiranandani, Powai. You can select from any other location options too.

On a Concluding Note
Business travelers relocating to a new city for short or long stays need time to acclimatize to the new environment. At such times, serviced apartments offer them a warm backdrop to get them moving ahead with confidence and strength.

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