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Reasons Why You Should Book A Serviced Apartments Over A Hotel?

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Today, modern holiday and business travellers have more choices for accommodation than ever before. However, when it comes to the best, there are two options that often stand against one another- serviced apartment or hotel? Well, there are several compelling reasons that would magnetize a smart traveller towards fully furnished serviced apartments over hotels! And to help you take an informed decision, this article decodes the top four reasons to book service apartments Chandivali Mumbai instead of traditional hotel.

Why Booking A Serviced Apartment Matters?
There four amazing reasons that will make both leisure and corporate traveller dive into the finest long stay service apartments in mumbai and these are enlisted below:

1. Ample Space
Compared to a hotel room, long stay service apartments in mumbai in Mumbai have triple the space featuring a living/lounge area, well-equipped kitchen and bedroom. They capture the true essence of "a home away from home" beautifully and thus are often preferred by professionals who get stationed into a new city every now and then. So, no matter where you go, you'll always have a pleasant and homely stay.

2. Cost-Effective
Unlike the common misconception that most of the people have, long stay service apartments in mumbai offer a luxurious accommodation without an expensive tag of hotel or resort. Not only will you have a great stay at affordable price, but at the same time you can save by stocking groceries and cooking meals in the apartment's kitchen, which indeed makes it the best of both worlds!

3. Centrally Located
Serviced apartments or bed and breakfast Mumbai (B&B) are situated at posh localities of the city. From Powai to Chandivali, they ensure that you grab an ultimate stay without having to spend too much time from reaching point A to point B. Most of the premier places would be just a walk or a cab ride away.

4. Customized Experience
The experience that guests cherish at serviced apartments in Powai, Mumbai is like no other. You can customize every aspect of your stay, such as secured parking place, stocking kitchen's pantry with favorite snacks and much more which is impossible to achieve in case of hotels.

Your Stay Made Comfortable, Easy and Peaceful At Serviced Apartments
Be it a 2BHK studio apartment or a large 3BHK suite, with serviced apartments you've tons of options to choose from. Hence, next time when confused between a serviced apartment and hotel, never forget the aforementioned reasons that prove how incredible serviced apartments can be.

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