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Four reasons employees prefer staying in corporate apartments Mumbai

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The concept of well-furnished service apartment emerged in India a decade ago, and it has acquired great heights now. There are big and reputed names such as Veridical Hospitality & Services offering luxurious facilities in the posh areas of Mumbai. Most of their properties are located near the important business areas. Hence, there is a good response by customers. Experts say that four prominent reasons are behind the immense popularity of corporate accommodations Mumbai.

Personalized service
Personalized service is another reason employees prefer staying in corporate service apartments in Mumbai. Normally people stay for a longer time (more than a month to one year) in the service apartment. Hence, it is important to take care of personal preferences. It is not possible in any hotels. From air-conditioning to housekeeping and meal preferences to laundry services; attendants take care of everything. It makes the stay comfortable and convenient. It is the reason; from top executives to management trainees everyone prefers staying there.

Home-like environment
Staying in the hotel becomes incredibly boring and frustrating after some time. The feeling of isolation prevails, and people feel homesickness. Service apartments, on the other hand, offer a cozy and homely environment. Since the apartments are like normal residential flats, there is no mental blockage of staying in a typical hotel room. Also, there is a fair chance of interacting with fellow residents who share the same apartment. They form informal groups in the due course of time and enjoy a happy time.

Though posh hotels follow high levels of security standards, the same may not be true for mediocre hotels. Service apartments are in the residential buildings that are nowadays equipped with standard safety equipment. Therefore, people feel more secure than in hotels. Modern apartments have a double layer of securities. People are supposed to furnish details at the main entrance. There is another layer of access control at the entrance of the building. More over CCTV surveillance are installed in all modern apartments and Fire safety norms are stringently followed.

Whether the employee is supposed to pay the bill or it gets reimbursed by the company, the cost is an inhibiting factor if the stay is long. A hotel is always an expensive option than service apartments/ corporate accommodations. In the case of expat accommodation Mumbai, corporate clients negotiate the best rates. Statistics says that the price difference between any standard Hotels and service apartments are more than 60 percent which is a significant figure. It is one of the reason; Veridical Hospitality & Services apartments have more than 90 percent occupancies round the year. The majority of the customers are from IT, Telecom and FMCG.

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