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Do you know why Guests are preferring Serviced Apartments over Hotels?

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SThe rising inflation and the subsequent high costs of living have only led the average individual to spend wisely and save money wherever possible. So, any guest to the city of Mumbai will definitely be put off by the high rates of decently located hotels in the city. This has made the ‘paisa vasool’ serviced apartment, a favorite among travelers or re-locaters to the city. Some of the varied advantages offered by serviced apartments in several locations like serviced apartments in Powai, Mumbai and others are listed below:

Beneficial to Your Pocket
The serviced apartment charges per room while in a hotel the charges are per person. You definitely get more value for money if you consider the amount of space obtained in a serviced apartment. This is apart from the cost effectiveness of laundry, wi-fi and food charges levied here.

Flexible in terms of Accommodation
You obtain flexibility with regard to accommodation as a guest can select from a host of options like a studio apartment, one or more bedroom apartments and so on. This availability of choice is not obtained in case of hotels.

Beneficial in terms of privacy and space
You do not get much space and privacy in a hotel room even though you may have spent a good deal for it. In contrast, you can obtain both in great measures in the service apartment. Spacious seating areas, large bedrooms, lot of storage space, personal kitchenette and attached bathrooms are just some of the features that give you more room to move about without any interruptions.

Unsurpassed Convenience
You have a large area for working purposes in a serviced apartment and therefore this is one of the most preferred corporate accommodations in Mumbai. You get various amenities provided in a hotel for a fraction of the cost here not to mention the convenience. You are not restricted by the meal timings, you can do your laundry and the cleaning when you wish and also avail of the gym facilities provided by the serviced apartment. You can live the way you want.

On a Concluding Note
The serviced apartments are often regarded as a home away from home and the statement stands true in the real sense. There are several serviced apartments in various areas of Mumbai like serviced apartments near Hiranandani Powai or serviced apartments in Chandivali, Mumbai and several more. You choose one which suits you the best!

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best service apartments in pune